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Pastor Dennis Leatherman grew up in Harleysville, Pa, a small town just north of Philadelphia.  Though his teenage years were characterized by extreme rebellion, drug addiction, and general debauchery, the influence and testimony of his Godly father carried a powerful impact and brother Leatherman trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of nineteen.  His life was immediately and drastically transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Shortly after his salvation, Brother Leatherman enrolled in Philadelphia College of the Bible.  After one year, he transferred to Tennessee Temple University and graduated in 1986.  The following year he married Kathy Shiflet (from Richwood, WV) whom he met working in the bus ministry while in college. 

God led the Leathermans to the Thompson Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN in May of 1987 where Brother Leatherman served as Youth Pastor for four years.  It was in Indianapolis that their two sons were born - Samuel in 1988 and Daniel in 1991.  In the spring of 1991 they moved to Boulder, CO to work as Staff Evangelist with Neighborhood Bible Time, an international youth ministry.  After three years in Boulder, God led the Leathermans back East to take the Pastorate of the Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church.  The church had been through a number of years of very difficult times and there were just a "handful" of folks still attending.  Yet God was not finished with this church!

Through soul winning and the preaching of God's Word, the church began to grow again and now has a thriving ministry that is reaching the local community and is literally touching the entire world through World Wide Faith Promise Missions, annual mission trips, printed publications, and through our internet ministry of live and archived sermons that are downloaded into many nations around the world on a daily basis.