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Beacon of Truth Ministries and Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church have teamed up in promoting and recruiting churches to establish a massive “Tract Distribution Month” in their church.

Pastor Dennis Leatherman and his church family have been involved in an annual tract month for many years. This effort has been very successful and hundreds of thousands have been reached with the gospel message.

We have prepared a manual on what we have learned over the years and will share that with any church that gets involved. You can receive the "Tract Month" manual by emailing Pastor Leatherman at doug@btbm.org or by calling Dr. Dan Hummel at 843-409-0216.

Beacon of Truth has available 5 different full-color tracts that can be used for mass distribution.
They are affordable for any size church, and may be ordered from Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries.

The minimum order would be 5,000 (5 different tracts) and may be purchased in lots of 5,000 increments.

The cost of the tracts for this special promotion would be as follows:

5,000 tracts - $300.00
10,000 Tracts - $600.00
15,000 tracts - $900.00

If a church would like their tracts personalized with up to 5 lines of information, the cost would be an additional penny per tract.  Below are samples of "Tract Month" tracts or you can click "here" and view a pdf. of the tract covers.
[Other tracts are available from Beacon of Truth - http://btbm.org
Email beaconoftruth@sc.rr.com for samples and pricing.]

This is going to be an ANNUAL EVENT and our prayer and aim is to reach hundreds of thousands with the gospel message.

Would you prayerfully consider joining us for “Tract Distribution Month?”

We have established April as our “Tract Month.” 

How about you?

Let’s reach the lost with the gospel!